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AEG Washing Machine Error Codes

If you already own an AEG Washing Machine, then you may be familiar when it displays an error code, sound or light sequence, and sometimes not knowing what they mean. We have provided a list with all the information you need to decode the fault code system so that you can make changes or repairs yourself to get your machine up and running again.    If you are still having issues with your Washing Machine then please be sure to contact Glotech Repairs to organise an appointment with our qualified engineers. Some repairs need to be carried out by a trained professional, so if you are about to attempt a repair yourself, please be extremely careful and only do so if you are qualified.   

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Samsung washing machine error codes

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Samsung washing machine error codes are becoming something which more and more consumers are finding themselves searching for online, as Samsung continues to increase the number of units sold within the UK.
If you’ve lost the manual which came with your Samsung washing machine it can be very hard to find a list of all the correct error codes, so we’ve listed them here.

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lg washing machine error codes

this is a list of error codes for various lg front loading washing machines. glotech repair lg domestic appliance under warranty and have access to all manufacturer data for faster diagnostics.

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Indesit Error Codes

The following are error codes or fault codes for hundreds of Indesit appliances, including washing machines, tumble dryers, fridge freezers, and dishwashers. As we have direct accounts with Indesit as a manufacturer, we have access to lots of error code information that isn’t generally publically available. Washing machines and washer dryers Fridges Dishwashers LCD dishwashers LCD tumble dryers LCD EVO1 washing machines and washer dryers LCD EVO2 and V4 washing machines and washer dryers Tumble dryers Identifying error codes If your machine has a digital display, like most modern Indesit appliances do, error codes will be shown on the display. They’re represented by a letter followed by two numbers. This code will help you to find out what’s wrong with your machine, but not necessarily…

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