Admiral Fridge Freezer Error Codes

There is no doubt that Admiral is a popular brand when it comes to fridge freezers. If you have recently come across an error code and are unsure what they mean then look no further, Glotech have provided a list with all the information you need below to decode the fault code system so that you can make changes on repairs yourself to get your machine up and running again.  

Error CodeExplanation
E0Ice maker fault (if fitted)
E1Freezer sensor fault
E3Defrost sensor fault
E4Fridge defrost sensor fault
E5Freezer defrost sensor fault
E6Main control-board and display board fault
E7Environmental temperature sensor fault
E8Environmental temperature sensor fault
E9Freezer high temperature alarm
EEIce maker circuit fault (if fitted)

If you are still having issues with your Fridge Freezer then please be sure to contact Glotech Repairs to organise an appointment with our qualified engineers. Some repairs need to be carried out by a trained professional, so if you are about to attempt a repair yourself, please be extremely careful and only do so if you are qualified.  

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