Bosch Oven Error Codes

If your Bosch oven is displaying error codes which you are unsure of then please see the table below of information we have provided to give you further assistance to solve the repair.

Error CodeFault Description
ER1Temperature sensor failure
ER2Faulty mains connection
ER4Temperature sensor failure
ER6Door lock faulty
Door release mechanism faulty
F32Temperature sensor failure
F41Faulty latch motor or its wiring
F42Faulty or jammed lower oven door or latch switches
F43Faulty latch motor or its wiring
F44Faulty latch motor or its wiring
F45Defective or jammed upper oven door or latch switches

If you are continuing to have issues with your Tumble Dryer, then please be sure to contact Glotech Repairs to organise an appointment with our qualified engineers. Some repairs need to be carried out by a trained professional, so if you are about to attempt a repair yourself, please be extremely careful and only do so if you are qualified. 

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