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Beko Fridge Freezer Fire Information

It has emerged that certain Beko fridge freezer models manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006 have a fault which can cause the defrost timer to fail, overheat, and catch fire. The defect lies with a faulty defrost timer and, in a limited number of incidents, condensation can gather around the defrost timer area, a component located at the rear of the appliance. This may allow water to seep into the timer, which can occasionally cause the component to fail and overheat, causing a fridge freezer fire. How to check if your Beko fridge freezer is affected Affected Beko fridge freezer model numbers: CA 5411 FFS/FFW/FFX CA 7014 FFX CA 7015 FFW/FFS/FFX CDA 539 FS/FW/FX CDA 543 FS/FW/FX CDA 645 FW CDA 647 FS/FW CDA…

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