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Low Sugar Diet

More and more Brits are interested in eating better and becoming healthier so we surveyed 2000 Brits to find out more about this.
Our research found that a third of Brits are currently dieting, with a further 22% having been on a diet in the last 12 months.

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steam oven cooking fish

Taking the world by Steam (Oven)

An oven is something that we use every day, it’s a necessity in nearly every home and something we would probably struggle without. So what happens when someone tells you there is a better and healthier way of cooking your food without using your standard gas or electric oven?

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  • August 7th, 2010
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is your cooker surface / fascia getting too hot ?

Surface Temperature Test All appliances are manufactured and tested to satisfy the surface temperature requirements contained in BSEN 60335-1.2002. Components which are designed to be touched to operate the cooker, such as controls and handles have lower limits than those which may be accidentally touched for example door panels and sides. Limits also vary depending upon the component material (see Standard temperature limits)

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