Why Do Fan Oven Elements Fail?

Oven repairs account for a big percentage of appliance repairs in the UK and of those repairs faulty elements remain one of the most common.

The Job of A Fan Oven Element?

In order to understand why fan oven elements fail we must first look at the part they play in the workings of our ovens.

Fan oven elements are generally found on the inside rear of electric ovens. When you switch the oven on the element heats up to generate heat. This heat is then circulated around the oven by a fan placed directly behind it.

When the inside of the oven reaches the desired temperature, a thermostat tells the element to turn off. It’s important to understand here that fan oven elements cannot change the amount of heat they disperse; they are either on or off. Once the element has turned off the thermostat will tell it to turn back on when it detects a drop in temperature. This constant on and off is commonly known as cycling and can happen numerous times during a typical oven use.

Fan Oven Element

So now we know how an oven works in its basic form lets look at why fan oven elements fail.

So Why Do Fan Oven Elements Fail In The First Place?

These metal ‘spirals’ can expand by as much as 10mm when fully heated. This constant expansion and retraction can play a part in its wear and tear. Budget ovens will not be as good at keeping heat in compared to their more expensive counterparts and this will increase the number of cycling your element goes through.

Faulty element oven repairs are one of the more simpler repair jobs however you still need to know what you’re doing. Whilst there are some people who would be confident in replacing an element themselves we strongly advise you to seek the services of a qualified service engineer if you’re unsure as working with electrics can be extremely dangerous.

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