How To Fix Your Oven


There are instances when you can fix your oven yourself; we all like to save money where we can and it’s no different with domestic appliances.

There are various different types of ovens including built-in ovens, double ovens, single ovens, cookers, range cookers, etc, however they all work on the same principle. The exception to this would be ovens which combine the features of a microwave which will not be covered under this article.

Be Safe

First and foremost always ensure the safety of both yourself and your family is always the priority. It’s just not worth trying to fix your oven if it means someone getting hurt for the sake of a few pounds for calling in a qualified Service Engineer.

We would always recommend arranging one of our oven repair engineers out who are fully qualified and also ensures you receive a guarantee on the repair. However, if you would like to attempt to fix your oven yourself then continue reading.

Oven Is Not Heating

One of the most common faults with ovens. If when you turn your oven on you can hear the fan working but no heat is being generated however your grill still works, or vice versa, then you most probably require a new fan oven element or grill element depending on which section no longer heats.

Other causes, albeit less likely, could include:

  • Oven thermostat
  • Oven changeover switch
  • Thermal fuse(s) or safety thermostats

This may be a fault for which you can fix your oven yourself, but if not we would certainly recommend getting a qualified oven repair engineer to do it.

Oven Overheats And Burns Food

If you have the opposite problem whereby you cannot control the temperature leading to your food getting burnt, then this sounds like a thermostat failure which will need to be replaced.

Oven Door Doesn’t Close Properly

This typically relates to faulty hinges or hinge runners. They may need re-aligning or changing. If the hinges do need changing then we recommend changing both sides as in most cases if one has gone then the other is likely to follow soon.

In some cases it may be the seal around the door which has deteriorated and therefore obstructing the oven door from fully closing.

Oven Not Cooking Evenly

pizzainovenOn older appliances this can be a sign of a faulty door seal which may be allowing heat to escape. On newly installed ovens this could more likely point towards either a poor installation or inadequate ventilation.

We’ve just covered a few of the common faults with ovens, there are just far too many to list them all hear. If you have a problem with your oven which hasn’t been covered in this article, call us onĀ 0800 0546 326 to find out if you can fix it yourself or whether you would require an engineer. Alternatively, you can book in an oven repair by clicking below.

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