Fridge Freezer Problems In The Summer

Fridge freezer problems in the summer are one of the most common domestic appliance repairs we come across. Most of us put this down to the fact that it’s because of the weather and we’re not wrong!
In this article we’ll look at a few of the reasons why fridge freezers can break down during this time.

Fridge Freezers Affected By Room Temperature

Fridge freezers tend to struggle, and therefore break down, most when the room temperature it’s in gets up to and around 30 degrees. This is especially the case with most models sold in the UK. One of the key reasons why this happens is because the condenser (at the back of the machine and therefore generally with less ventilation) cannot give off heat quick enough. As a rule of thumb the air temperature around the condenser needs to be around 10 degrees lower than the temperature of the part itself so that the energy can be given off has heat. If it cannot dispense the heat then this won’t be taken away from the food which will therefore not get cold.

Fridge Freezers In Garages, Sheds, Basements, Etc.

On the flip side if the temperature is too cold then this can also cause a problem. Many people have fridge freezers in outer buildings or in places with lower temperatures. When it’s too cold the sensor(s) can turn off as the environment is cold enough and this can lead to food defrosting. Freezers don’t suffer this problem as much as they are designed to keep the inside at much lower temperatures.

Fridge Freezer Condensation And Black Mould

In areas where the temperatures are low there is a higher risk of condensation and black mould. This happens when the cool air is attracted to the warm parts of the outer wall of the appliance. Generally it’s nothing to worry about however sometimes you may find this forming on the door seals leading to possible deterioration of the cabinet and rust.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 10:08 am

I have a freestanding sharp SJ-PT640R or SJ-690R. Every so often a large amount of water runs from inside the fridge out at the bottom of the door. This has happened about 3/4 times. Someone did look at it and said there was a blockage and cleared it (I wasn’t here at the time). It did help for may be a year but has happened a couple of times recently. Do you know what it is and how much it would be to repair it please. I live in Romford.
Thank you

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