Taking the world by Steam (Oven)


An oven is something that we use every day, it is a necessity in nearly every home and something we would probably struggle without. So what happens when someone tells you there is a better and healthier way of cooking your food without using your standard gas or electric oven? Well, if your anything like me your probably going to be a little bit apprehensive and maybe even shrug the idea away – but what if there is some truth in it. We’ve had a look at the pro’s and con’s of the steam oven and we thought we’d share our findings with you.

steam oven cooking fish

What is a Steam Oven?

A steam oven cooks without using heating elements around the the walls of the oven and without flames from gas. Water is boiled from an inbuilt reservoir chamber which creates a cloud of steam within the oven, steaming the food until cooked. There are two main types of steam ovens:

  • Standard steam oven – These ovens use only steam to cook
  • Steam ovens with convection – These ovens use not only steam but also a fan which circulates air around the oven meaning a quicker cooking time!

Health benefits

  • Cooking with steam ensures your food retains all the moisture. That not only means your going to enjoy your food more, but it means that all the good minerals and vitamins our bodies need to stay happy stay locked into the food.
  • Because of the moisture retained, you no longer need to cook with oils, butter or fats which keeps down those pesky calories!
  • Your much more likely to cook using fresh vegetables and ingredients with a steam oven.

Cooking quality

  • The steam oven can be used to cook almost anything and there is no risk of over cooking or burning your food.
  • Food maintains both its form and texture.
  • Aromas, flavours and natural juices are preserved so there is no risk of your food becoming dry and tasteless.
  • A steam oven is perfect for reheating last nights pizza (or other leftover dinner) as it regenerates the food making it just as tasty as before!

The pros of a steam oven

You can cook pretty much anything in a steam oven from fish, meats and vegetables to cakes. Steam ovens cook food evenly and almost to perfection every time! Another great reason to go for a steam oven is that there is no fat or grease build up so there super easy to clean.

The cons

Steam ovens do not achieve that crispy, browned dinner that gas and electric ovens can. If your mainly cooking things like chargrilled bacon or crispy chicken wings then perhaps a steam oven isn’t the best option. Apart from this we have found very little downfalls.

Price range

The price can vary depending on the brand/type you go for, they can be anywhere from £500 to £3600

Steam ovens often help maintain a healthy lifestyle by making it easier to cook vegetables, fish, meats and healthier options without the use of oil or fats. In answer to our first question we are definitely all for this new and better way of cooking and we think its something you should all try!

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