The Week My Wife Ruined My Life: Domestic Appliance Hell

OK, so the title is probably a little over the top but it caught your attention right?

My wife and I are probably your average young working class couple in the UK. Both working in excess of 40-50 hours a week, starting the week as we mean to go on (tired!), and barely getting to spend any time together at home.

That means during those precious few hours we do get together each week the last thing we want to do is spend it on household chores including;

  • cooking meals
  • doing the laundry
  • cleaning the dishes
  • general maintenance of our domestic appliances and kitchen (cleaning the fridge and freezer, eew!)

Now there’s a disclaimer which I feel the need to make. In my household it is me, the male, who does most of the aforementioned chores. My wife likes to take the lead when it comes to our finances; paying the bills, making sure we’re not getting ripped off by our gardener, etcetera, etcetera.

Woman Paying Bills On Kitchen Dining Table

So when my wife complained one week that we needed to reduce our expenses but she didn’t know how, and me being the male adamant that I could easily do better, we agreed upon switching our respective responsibilities for a week. Spoiler alert; what a disaster, my wife ruined my life!

Day 1

My wife decides that separating clothes (colours, delicates, baby clothes) was unnecessary so it all went into the appliances together. Added by the innate need to use all the settings on the machine the ‘1400 rpm spin’ setting was chosen on our Samsung washing machine. The end result; me going into work with a pink shirt that was born white with added bobbled texture. Great!

Day 3

Keen to prove her creativity in the kitchen, bless her for trying, she decided to make God only knows what by melting a pan of honey and sugar. A short 15 minutes later and the hob was adorned by more honey than it ever thought it would taste in it’s life. This one ‘incident’ left me with no option but to seek the services of a domestic appliance repair engineer for a cooker hob repair.

Woman Cooking In The Kitchen

Day 6

Midnight munchies are something we get on a regular basis in our small household. This particular night my wife went into the kitchen craving to satisfy her hunger. Long story short she left the freezer door slightly ajar resulting in ice buildup. This in itself isn’t such a big deal and could happen to anyone, but it’s what she did next which you’ll find shocking. Not wanting to get caught she went about trying to remove the ice with a kitchen spatula. She ended up piercing the back wall of the BEKO freezer and now we need a new one.

Seven days later, hundreds of pounds lighter, and much of it without a full compliment of working appliances, it’s clear that not all women are as good in the kitchen as they think they are.

Does she think she’s done anything wrong?
Of course not!

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