1. Appliance Repairs

  • 1.1. Our one off fixed charge covers you against the cost of the service engineers call out, diagnostics & labour no matter how long the engineer is there or for how many visits it takes him to repair that fault. The focus of the repair is based on the description of the fault we have been given.
  • 1.2. We aim to repair most domestic appliances, but the manufacturer, appliance type, model and age will have a major influence on whether we can promptly obtain replacement part(s) and ultimately complete the repair. It should also be noted that once a specific appliance is no longer made the manufacturer will only stock replacement parts for a given period.
  • 1.3. We require payment before or on the day of the engineer’s first visit via Cash or Debit/Credit Card (exc. American Express). Payment for any parts that are to be ordered must be paid for on the return visit. If a required part is a special order or of a large cost we may ask you to pay for the part before we can place the order. Parts which are not required, but have been paid for, will be refunded.
  • 1.4. Our engineer will call out on the agreed date and time to carry out the repair to your appliance. If at the time of the call out any required part(s) are unavailable our service engineer will usually order the part(s) within 1-2 working day of the call out. The item(s) will then be delivered to us within 2 working days of the order being placed. If the part(s) are not in stock this can take anything from 3 working days with the norm being around 10 working days. It should be noted that unfortunately there are a handful of manufacturers whose parts are not easily sourced and in some cases these have to be obtained from abroad which will result in a delay in completing the repair. As soon as the part(s) are available we will contact you to arrange a new appointment date to complete the repair.
  • 1.5. We do our utmost to attend on the date and time agreed with you at the time of booking, this includes bookings made via our website. However occasionally may be unable to attend to the aforementioned. Should this happen, we will offer to reschedule the appointment date and time with you. If one of our Glotech Repairs Network engineer (Local Engineer) is attending to your property then they may contact you directly.
  • 1.6. We do not repair commercial appliances however we will repair domestic appliances installed in commercial premises. In such instances we do not offer a guarantee on these repairs.
  • 1.7. In respect of refrigeration equipment we do not cover food loss or spoilage.
  • 1.8. If you wish Glotech to repair more than one appliance in your property each appliance will be charge at the normal repair rate.

2. Glotech Repair Network

  • 2.1. A Glotech engineer may not always attend your repair. In an instance when this happens an engineer (Local Engineer) part of the Glotech Repair Network will attend. These engineers are fully vetted by us and should be treated the same as a Glotech engineer. Regardless of who attends this will not affect the labour charge or any of your terms and conditions. The Local Engineer is responsible for the guarantee of the appliance and any damage caused through negligence.

3. Issues that may arise during your repair

  • 3.1. If at the time of the call out the fault is found to be as a result of misuse, neglect or poor installation or, the appliance type or fault is not as described originally we reserve the right to charge you the full labour rate.
  • 3.2. If we are unable to obtain spare parts from our suppliers to repair the appliance. Then we would be unable to fix your machine under such circumstances you will still be charged the full labour rate.
  • 3.3. Some repairs will require that the appliance is fully accessible (e.g. able to be moved from under a work surface without damaging the surrounding facia). If your appliance cannot be easily accessed to facilitate the repair we reserve the right to abort the repair. In such instances we reserve the right to charge you the full labour rate.
  • 3.4. You are expected to give as much notice as possible when cancelling repairs. If we have already attended and the repair has started you will be charged the full labour rate.
  • 3.5. You shall provide safe and sufficient access for installation or removal of any goods. Whilst we will take care to install or remove appliances without damage to flooring or adjacent fittings, we cannot be liable for any such damage unless it was due to our negligence. We will endeavour to notify you if we believe insufficient access is available and you may cancel your contract if you do not wish to take the risk of damage to the surrounding area. Any damage must be reported to the engineer at the time of visit or within 48 hours to the Service Manager.
  • 3.6. If we are unable to repair your product due to parts being obsolete/unobtainable or the product is simply uneconomical to repair then you will be charged the labour rate. Any parts fitted will be refunded or not charged for after removal.

4. Guarantee period

  • 4.1. All Glotech repairs are guaranteed for 6 months, for both labour and parts. This guarantee does not cover any subsequent unrelated breakdown / fault(s) to the appliance. It also becomes invalid if the appliance is moved to a new address.

5. How to contact us or complain

  • 5.1. At first instance please call us and we’ll always try to resolve your complaints as quickly as possible. Failing this we would like everything in writing so please email us on repairs@glotech.com or write to us at Glotech Repairs, Unit 2 Soothouse Spring, Valley Rd Ind Est, St. Albans, Herts, AL3 6PF.

6. Use of the Glotech Repairs website (www.glotechrepairs.co.uk)

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  • 6.4. Links to external web sites
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7. General Disclaimer

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8. Amending these Terms & Conditions

  • 8.1. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read these terms each time you place a booking. By placing a booking you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.

9. Data Protection

  • 9.1. Your personal information will be held and used by Glotech Repairs and our Local Engineer's for the purpose of the repair. We may also use your data for training and testing purposes. Your personal information will not be sold or passed onto any third parties not related to the repair.