Washing Machine Repair: How A Washing Machine Works

Our trusty washing machines are probably one of the most neglected members of our family- we only really notice them or give them any care and attention AFTER¬†they break down. They make our lives so convenient and so we let them carry on doing their thing and steer well clear of anything that might ‘rock the boat’.

We all have busy lives and one of the reasons why we buy washing machines is because it saves us time so the last thing we want to do is actually spend time on them as that would seem counter-productive. However, the truth is that if we all looked after our washing machines just that tiny bit more we can do so much to reduce the chances of our best friend breaking down and requiring the attention of a washing machine repair engineer.

Having asked people why they didn’t carry out regular maintenance on their machines one reason that kept coming up, besides lack of time of course, was a lack of knowledge. It seems the general public don’t know the basics of how a washing machine works and so fear doing anything without that knowledge. So, we thought we’d put together a quick article on how a washing machine works.

Here’s a great video that another company put together (no, we’re not against promoting other people’s content if we think it’s good!):

Here’s some of the top washing machine faults which occur:

Top washing machine tips:

  • clean your dispenser drawer regularly to prevent blockage
  • clean your door seal to prevent bad odour and spot seal deterioration quicker
  • don’t overload the washing machine
  • leave the door slightly open after a cycle to allow steam to escape and prevent odour
  • run a service wash once a month (run the hottest program possible with just a towel inside)

We hope these tips help. If you’re unsure or need some advice just give one of our friendly team members a call.
Yes there are times when only the services of a qualified washing machine repair engineer will suffice, but there are times when you can save yourself money and do it yourself in minutes!

As a closing note; please always be careful when working on any kind of appliance. If you are not sure please seek professional advise as the risks are just not worth it.

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