Washing Machine Not Filling With Water

Washing machines not filling with water is one of the most common faults we hear from customers when they contact us looking for a washing machine repair.
There are various reasons why this may be happening and we’ll look at some of these and what you can do yourself at home to fix it.

Water Supply And Hoses

The very first thing to do is check your water supply is turned on. This is usually located under your kitchen sink. If the supply is turned on check the inlet hose carefully to ensure there are no kinks which could be restricting or preventing the water supply from reaching the machine.

Water Level Switch

These switches control the amount of water going into the machine to prevent over-filling. Sometimes faulty switches can be the cause and will need to be checked. This is generally something you will want a qualified washing machine engineer to diagnose as it would involve opening up the appliance.


This one is very simple and one you can do at home. Check the filters to ensure they’re not clogged up and replace them if needed. Most appliances are designed to be accessible for the user to maintain this on a regular basis. If the filter has deteriorated then replace it with a new one.

Pressure Chamber

Another reason for a washing machine not filling with water is a blocked pressure chamber. This can result in air becoming trapped which causes the pressure switch to stay on. You can check this by seeing if the machine with spin even with no water.

Slow Water Supply

If you can see the water going into the machine but slower than normal then the machine is fine and the problem lies with your water supply. For this you will need to get the help of a plumber.

As you’ve probably worked out by now there are more than one reason why a washing machine will not fill with water. If your washing machine is suffering from this problem and you’ve not been able to repair it yourself, contact us for a washing machine repair.

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