indesit washer dryer fault codes WIDL range

the following list is the error codes for the indsit washer dryer within the WIDL range.  applying to the following model numbers: WIDL102, WIDL126, WIDL126S, WIDL146.

lights flashing from left to right are numbered 1 – 4

Display Fault Code Fault
Light 4 F01 Motor triac
Light 3 F02 Motor jammed/tacho
Lights 3+4 F03 NTC faulty
Light 2 F04 Pressure switch stuck on empty
Lights 2+4 F05 Pressure switch stuck on full
Lights 2+3 F06 N/A
Lights 2+3+4 F07 Heater relay
Light 1 F08 Heater relay
Lights 1+4 F09 Eprom/set up error
Lights 1+3 F10 Pressure switch not sensing
Lights 1+3+4 F11 Pump/drain error
Lights 1+2 F12 Communication error
Lights 1+2+4 F13 Dryer ntc/fan motor
Lights 1+2+3 F14 Dryer heater
Lights 1+2+3+4 F15 Dryer heater relay
Light 4 F17 Door lock
Light 3 F18 Comms error-power board

NB: F1 & F17 share the same light
F2 & F18 share the same light
F16 is not used


Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 10:07 pm

I cant seem to take out the draw on my machine model widl1265 to clean it! Thanks

Monday, May 6, 2019 at 11:44 am

Mine is lights 2 and 4 but I don’t know what ‘pressure switch stuck on full’ means and how do I fix it

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 7:10 am

The pressure switch is the device that tells the machine how high the water level is inside. When the pressure tubes get blocked up the air can no longer flow to the sensor resulting in bad readings.
Cleaning out the tube that goes between the outer tub and the sensor would be the first thing to try.
I am assuming that the water has already pumped out of the product.

Monday, July 15, 2019 at 7:47 am

Hi there, if our light 2 is showing, is there a way we can try to self repair?

Monday, July 15, 2019 at 8:17 am

If you give me the model number I will try to find out for you. Also which light is it and what happens before the light comes on?

Monday, July 15, 2019 at 3:58 pm

Many thanks – it’s the WIDL126.

The machine is plugged in at the wall but not actually switched on by pressing the on button yet the non iron light is illuminated and has been for the last 48 hours, even with a cycle having been on, finished and off button pressed again.

Monday, August 5, 2019 at 10:18 pm

Hi there,

Just reactivated our WIDL126 after 10 years in the cellar.

First 5 loads no problem….then we got an error message:

1 2 4 plus red light

Then it changed to 1 plus red light

Now we have 4 plus red light.

Pump working but nothing else.

Does anybody have a clue what the problem might be??

Thank you in advance!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 8:53 am

If the pump is running permanently on that product it is most likely going to be the PCB. The last error message is motor or door lock but neither of these should leave the pump running.

PCB on a product that age is not worth doing especially seeing these products and Hotpoints have a ‘smart card’ system for programming the boards which is unreliable at best. The Indesit/Hotpoint engineers can use special laptops to try multiple times at programming the boards until they work properly. I wouldn’t buy an Indesit or Hotpoint for this reason.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 9:15 am

After getting a bit more information this could also be an earth fault on the drying side which causes odd problems. check to see if the heaters hold up with an insulation test.

Also Motor issues can cause pump to run under certain circumstances as they have a linked neutral.

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