Noisy Tumble Dryer Solutions

  • October 31st, 2017
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There’s probably nothing more irritating that hearing a constant noise in your house and not being able to locate it. You go around the house, room by room, until you finally find the source… your trusty tumble dryer!
You start to wonder “why is my tumble drying making such a noise?”

There is the common noise that you’re used to which tells you that your frequently used machine is drying all of your clothes for you, but when you hear foreign noises it can be worrying- especially as some of these may require you stripping the appliance down making the repair tricky and time-consuming.

Here are some of the common reasons why your tumble dryer could be making a noise:

Tumble Dryer Creaking

Your tumble dryer has something called tension pulleys inside of them. They are small and round plastic bits that run around a metal shaft and create tension for the drive belt. The creaking comes from the tension pulleys when they revolve during operation.

It is common for the tension pulleys to wear out. When this happens, the easiest and best thing to do is to replace them all together but is a mammoth of a task as it invoices taking your appliance apart into bits.

Occasionally, creaking can be caused by the motor fans. If this happens we strongly suggest you seek the services of a professional and qualified tumble dryer repair service.

Scraping Sounds

If it sounds like metal scraping then do not ignore the problem. This could indicate either the metal drum grinding on something as it spins round, or the front pads may have worn out and need replacing.

Have your tumble dryer looked at as soon as possible as ignoring it could cause serious damage to your appliance. Metal scraping upon metal can cause abrasion in both parts.

One good piece of advice we can give you is to ensure that your tumble dryer is level and on a flat surface. This will prevent any nearby parts catching onto the drum.

Occasionally, the plastic bearings which the drum rests and rotates on can get worn down, causing the lip of the drum to scrape on metal.

In all of these cases, get a domestic appliance repair engineer to take a look at your tumble dryer.

Rumbling Noises

Rumbling sounds can occur when the support wheels go out of shape as the drum rotates. These wheels are on either side of the tumble dryer door or at the back. Due to the weight of the machine these wheels can wear down over time.

One quick way to test this is to manually rotate the drum slowly. Feel for a bump as this is a good indicator of worn down support wheels.

Tumble Dryer Vibrating

If the drum is turning properly but the tumble dryer is vibrating check to see if the machine is flat on the surface. Check all four legs to ensure they are secure and flat to the floor. Holding springs can be another cause of vibration.

As you can see there are many explanations to what can be causing your tumble dryer to make noises. Some of these you can repair yourself, depending on your experience and knowledge, but for others we strongly suggest seeking the services of a professional.

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