Whirlpool Error Codes

Glotech is one of the country’s leading domestic appliance repair services, which means that our technicians and repairmen have direct accounts with major manufacturers – with access to information that you might not be able to access otherwise.

If you have a problem with your Whirlpool appliance, whether it’s a dishwasher to a microwave, you may be able to see an error code flashing up on the screen. These lists of Whirlpool error codes will help you to diagnose the problem, so that you can contact a Glotech technician to fix it for you.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Error Codes

Error CodeFault
F0Sensor Fault
F1NTC Failure
F2Water Leakage
F3Heating System Failure
F4 Drainage Failure
F5Rotor Blocked
F6Water Tap Closed
F7Flow Meter Failure
F8Water Level Failure
F9Continuous Water Inlet
FAOptical Water Indicator
FBMotorised Diverter Valve
FCWater Hardness Sensor Failure

Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes

Error CodeFault
FHNo Water Inlet
FAAquastop Failure
FPDrain Failure
F5NTC Failure
F6 Tachometer Failure (no motor movement detected)
F7Triac Short Circuit Detection
F8Heating Element Open Circuit
F9Overflow Failure
F10Motor Control Unit (Thermal)
F11Communication Failure
F12Heating Element Short Circuit
F13Dispenser Circuit Error
F14EEPROM Failure
F15 Motor Control Unit Error
F16 Control Failure (Control Unit)
F18Control Failure (Control Unit)
F20Control Failure (Control Unit)
F21Control Failure (User Board)
F22Control Failure (User Board)
FDLDoor Lock Error
FDUDoor Unlock Error

Whirlpool Induction Hob Error Codes

Error CodeFault
F3Configuration Sensor
F12Communication Sensor
F22Key Sensitivity Error

Whirlpool Touch Control Hob Error Codes

Error CodeFault
F3Configuration Sensor
F12WISP Communication Error
F22Key Sensitivity Error

Whirlpool Microwave Error Codes

Error CodeFault
ERR0Convection temperature fault, not connected or short circuit
ERR1Short circuit in the Microwave Relay
ERR3Key error when one of the buttons is pressed for more than 1 minute
ERR6Weight sensor calibration has not been performed
ERR7Humidity sensor is defective or has not been connected
ERR8Impossible to write to E2 EEPROM
ERR9Option has not been set
ERR A No wheel detected on weight sensor
ERR BNo pulses from the weight sensor or <4267Hz
ERR C Fuzzy temperature sensor fault not 19-41C
ERR D NTC Overheat protection on the Magnetron is faulty (O/C or S/C)

Whirlpool Steam Chef Error Codes

Error CodeFault
F0Incorrect value of cavity sensor
F1Incorrect value of cavity sensor
F2 Incorrect value of food probe
F3Incorrect value of climate sensor
F4Incorrect current value from flap motor
F5Unable to backup EEPROM
F7 No, or slow increase of climate temperature
F8Fuzzy temperature sensor fault not 19-41C
F9Fuzzy temperature sensor fault not 19-41C
No indicationOven does not heat

Whirlpool Smart Gas Error Codes

Error CodeFault
F01On/off valve stuck open
F02Communication problem
F03Control board problem
F04User interface problem
F05Continuous E2 EEPROM reset
F11Burner 1 open circuit on thermocouple
F21Burner 2 open circuit on thermocouple
F31Burner 3 open circuit on thermocouple
F41Burner 4 open circuit on thermocouple
F12Burner 1 PWM valve stuck open
F22Burner 2 PWM valve stuck open
F32Burner 3 PWM valve stuck open
F42 Burner 4 PWM valve stuck open

Whirlpool Side by Side Error Codes

D FdgOn OnDamper stuck, doesn't connect
C FdgOn OnFridge sensor failure
C FzrOnOnFreezer sensor failure
CF FzrOn OnCommunication failure between main board and interface
"-" FzrOnOnTemperature in freezer is higher than -11 degrees C (safety limit)
"-7" or other values on freezerOnOnBlack out over temperature alarm engaged

Whirlpool Oven Error Codes

Error CodeErrorSolution
F01O/C or S/C temperature probeReplace temperature probe
F02Oven overheatingReplace capricorn
F03 Capricorn not properly configuredReplace capricorn
F04 WISP protocol not workingReplace capricorn or scale

These fault codes may apply to the following Whirlpool models. Use your computer’s search function (ctrl+f) to see if your model is included:

20RBD1L, 20RBD3L, 20RID1L, 20RID3L, 20RID4ES, 20SIL4, 20TBL4, 20TML4, 25RID4, ACE100IX, ACM702NE, ACM703BA, ACM705NE, ACM707BA, ACM710NE, ACM711NE, ADG175, ADG550, ADG6230IX, ADG6240IX, ADG644BR, ADG644IX, ADG644WH, ADG655BR, ADG655IX, ADG655WH, ADG7460, ADG7470, ADG75601, ADG7800, ADG8210, ADG8310, ADL148, ADL155, ADL349A, ADL350, ADP4601, ADP4601IS, ADP659, ADP659S, ADP7408, ADP7408IS, ADP7409IS, ADP7409WH, ADP8800, ADP8800IX, ADP8900IX, ADP8900WH, AFB601, AFB601BL, AFB601IS, AFB635, AFB636, AFB637, AFB638, AFB640, AFB823, AFB825A, AFB827, AFB910, AFB910IS, AFE276, AFG070EAP, AFG070NFEAP, AFG6216B, AFG6326B, AFG6406B, AFG6452EAP, AFG6516B, AFG6552EAP, AFG81011, AFG81111, AFG81311, AFG8255NF, AFG8272NF, AKF572IX, AKF617IX, AKF619IX, AKG65901IX, AKL359NE02, AKL700IX, AKL700WH, AKL710IX, AKL710NB, AKL710WH, AKL730IX, AKL730WH, AKL905IX, AKL905WH, AKL906IX, AKL906WH, AKL907IX, AKL907NB, AKL907WH, AKL908IX, AKL908NB, AKL908WH, AKL909IX, AKL909NB, AKL914IX, AKL914WH, AKM200IX, AKM200WH, AKM216IX, AKM260IX, AKM260NB, AKM260WH, AKM274IX, AKM330IX, AKM330WH, AKM359NE, AKM371IX01, AKM373IX, AKM393IX, AKM526NA, AKM533IX, AKM61301WH, AKM613IX, AKM626NB, AKP200IX, AKP200WH, AKP201IX, AKP201WH, AKP202IX, AKP203IX, AKP203WH, AKP957IX, AKP957WH, AKR400IX, AKR503IX, AKR503NB, AKR524IX, AKR687IX, AKR689IX, AKR697IX, AKR703IX, AKR769GY, AKR799IX, AKR804IX, AKR806IX, AKR852GY, AKR890IX, AKR903IX, AKR918IX, AKR9511IX, AKR957IX, AKR968IX, AKR979IX, AKR980IX, AKS309NE, AKS310NE, AKS368NE, AKS435GY, AKS655IX, AKS670IX, AKS681IX, AKS681WH, AKS917IX, AKS9521IX, AKS9521WH, AKS953IX, AKS953WH, AKS970IX, AKT809NE, AKT833NE, AKT863BA, AKT895BA, AKZ16103IX, AKZ16103WH, AKZ226IX, AKZ451IX, AKZ451WH, AKZ456IX, AKZ456WH, AMT240BL, AMT240IX, AMW405IX, AMW410IX, AMW415IX, AMW420IX, AMW440IX, AMW441IX, AMW510IX, AQUA9759, AQUA9769B, AQUASTEAM976, ARC1031, ARC103BL, ARC103IS, ARC1041A, ARC17111, ARC17311, ARC1800, ARC18111, ARC1848, ARC2000, ARC2050, ARC2150, ARC226UK, ARC2283, ARC2343, ARC4209, ARC4324, ARC5080, ARC5180, ARC55532, ARC55532IS, ARC55732, ARC57532, ARC74511, ARC74531IS, ARC7518, ARC7518IS, ARC7518IX, ARC7559IX, ARC8009IX, ARC81401IX, ARC900, ARC900IS, ARC903, ARC903IS, ARF200, ARF207, ARF208, ARG5812, ARG585A, ARG590A, ARG912, ARG9794, ARL100A, ARL100A1, ARL758A, ARL761A, ART3154GL, ART3154GR, ART471A+, ART4775, ART485B1, ART764A+, ART766NFV, ART864A+, ARZ000W, AVM965IX, AWD593, AWE6517, AWF595, AWOD049, AWOD050, AWOD4505, AWOD4605, AWOD5526, AWOD5726, AWOD5926, AWOD6527, AWOD6727, AWOD6927, AWOE8548, AWOE8558, AWOE8748, AWOE8758, AWOE8759B, AWOE9558, AWOE9558B, AWOE9759, AWZ3303, AWZ3519, AWZ3520, AWZ510E, AWZ512E, AWZ512SE, AWZ514D, AWZ612, AWZ7303, AWZ7913, AWZ8577, AWZ8578, AWZ8579, FT334SL, FT335BL, FT335SL, FT337BL, FT337SL, FT339BL, FT339SL, HDW1010SI, JT366BL, JT366SL, JT369BL, JT369MIR, JT369SL, LEQ8033SW, LSQ8033SW, MAX25ABG, MAX25AL, MAX25CRG, MAX25RDG, MAX25WH, MAX28ALU, MAX28BL, PROD06SCI, PROD06SVI, PRODW14FCI, PROW0612IIM, PROW0614I, SCW1112WH, TK001, VT265BL, VT265SL, VT266BL, VT266SL, WBC3525NFS, WBC3525NFW, WBC3525NFX, WBE3321NFW, WBE3411A+W, WBE3411S, WBE3411W, WBE3711W, WCE3321NFS, WM1400W, WM1600W, WM1624A+W, WM1800W, WSC5553A+N, WSC5553A+X, WV1600NFW, WV1600W, WV1800NFW, WV1800W, 20BIL4, 20RBD3, 20RBD4, 20RID3, 20RID4, 20RID4E, 20RID4ESPRES, 20RUD1L, 20RUD3, 20RUD3L, 20RUD4, 20RWD3, 3LBR6132EQ, 3LER5436EQ, 3LSC8255E, 3LSR6233EQ, 3RLER5435HQ, 3RLER5436EQ, 3RLGR5435HQ, 4392906, 4.81231E+11, 4.81246E+11, 4.81248E+11, 4.81253E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81282E+11, 4.81969E+11, 4.82236E+11, ACE010IX, ACM219BR, ACM219WH, ACM239GRN, ACM239WH, ACM246WH, ACM260BR, ACM260WH, ACM262BR, ACM262WH, ACM264WH, ACM290GRN, ACM290WH, ACM291BLU, ACM291GRN, ACM291OML, ACM292BLU, ACM292GRN, ACM292OML, ACM294ANR, ACM294GRN, ACM294WH, ACM300BR, ACM300WH, ACM311WH, ACM325ANR, ACM325GRN, ACM328BR, ACM328WH, ACM336BLU, ACM336GRN, ACM336OML, ACM338BR, ACM338WH, ACM340GRN, ACM340WH, ACM864ANR, ACM864GRN, ACM864WH, ACM865ANR, ACM865GRN, ACM880, ACM883, ACM959BR, ACM959WH, ADG1900, ADG2900, ADG332BR, ADG332IX, ADG332WH, ADG3440BR, ADG3440WH, ADG3552IX, ADG3552WH, ADG3642BR, ADG3642WH, ADG3962IX, ADG450, ADG4503, ADG4952M, ADG63401AV, ADG63401IX, ADG63401WH, ADG6340BR, ADG6340IX, ADG6340WH, ADG642BR, ADG642IX, ADG642WH, ADG6552WH, ADG6560WH, ADG6565IX, ADG6915IX, ADG6916IX, ADG6962IX, ADG7190, ADG7195, ADG7340, ADG7342BR, ADG7342WH, ADG7440, ADG7450, ADG7540, ADG75401, ADG7550, ADG7560, ADG7680, ADG7790, ADG7952, ADG7960, ADG8100, ADG9542, ADG9573, ADG9773, ADG994BR, ADG994WH, ADG995BR, ADG995WH, ADL248IX, ADL248WH, ADL3472, ADL348, ADP2440, ADP2540, ADP262, ADP2652, ADP2756, ADP2962, ADP2966, ADP4400WH, ADP45015WH, ADP4501WH, ADP45025S, ADP4601S, ADP4601WH, ADP4602AL, ADP4731WH, ADP530, ADP5740, ADP5756, ADP5962, ADP5966, ADP6406, ADP6746, ADP68305WH, ADP6830WH, ADP6836, ADP69405IX, ADP69405WH, ADP6940IX, ADP6940WH, ADP6946, ADP6946IX, ADP7406, ADP7406S, ADP7442WH, ADP7552WH, ADP7740, ADP77403, ADP7962, ADP79623, ADP7966, ADP79663, ADP8000, ADP8000IX, ADP9232WH, ADP94112WH, ADP95202WH, ADP9722WHM, AEC2050, AFB020, AFB125H, AFB125HAL, AFB125HSIL, AFB126H, AFB126HAL, AFB423, AFB423H, AFB433G, AFB435G, AFB438H, AFB442H, AFB443H, AFB445H, AFB6011, AFB6011BL, AFB6011IS, AFB6341, AFB6520, AFB6530, AFB6600, AFB6601, AFB6640, AFB6650, AFB6651, AFB820, AFB8203, AFB821, AFB8211, AFB821B, AFB8233, AFB824A, AFB9041G, AFE275A, AFE275BK, AFE275BK1, AFG065H, AFG070AP, AFG070NFAP, AFG304G, AFG305G, AFG306G, AFG3190, AFG346AP, AFG3680, AFG3690, AFG371H, AFG378G, AFG379G, AFG385H, AFG386H, AFG388H, AFG389H, AFG392H, AFG438, AFG4600, AFG507AH, AFG509AH, AFG509CH, AFG511G, AFG5126CH, AFG5126MC, AFG512AL, AFG512CAL, AFG512CH, AFG512H, AFG5166C, AFG5167C, AFG521, AFG521G, AFG5226C, AFG5226CH, AFG5227C, AFG522CH, AFG522H, AFG5246C, AFG524CH, AFG524H, AFG527, AFG527G, AFG531, AFG531G, AFG532, AFG532G, AFG532H, AFG5336C, AFG5336CH, AFG533CH, AFG533H, AFG541G, AFG541H, AFG5436C, AFG5436CH, AFG543CH, AFG543H, AFG5496C, AFG5496CH, AFG549CH, AFG549H, AFG6256AP, AFG625AP, AFG635AP, AFG7030, AFG7060, AFG7060IX, AFG7080, AFG7080IX, AFG8030, AFG8060, AFG8060IX, AFG8064, AFG8080IX, AFG8082, AFG8101, AFG8111, AFG8111S, AFG8131, AFG8131S, AFG8148, AFG820NF, AFG823NF, AFG8241NF, AFG8244NF, AFG8271NF, AFG8275NF, AFG900, AKF420GY1, AKG637IX, AKG659IX, AKG66601BR, AKG66601WH, AKG6661WH, AKG666BR, AKG666WH, AKG66701BR, AKG66701WH, AKG667BR, AKG667WH, AKG668BR, AKG668GR, AKG668IX, AKG668WH, AKG768BR, AKG768GY, AKG768WH, AKG769GY, AKG777BR, AKG777WH, AKG958BR, AKG958GY, AKG958NB, AKG958WH, AKL3592WH, AKL572IX, AKL875IX, AKL875WH, AKL876IX, AKL876WH, AKL887IX, AKL887WH, AKL888IX, AKL888WH, AKL889IX, AKL889WH, AKL898IX, AKL898WH, AKL899IX, AKL899WH, AKL900IX, AKL900WH, AKL901IX, AKL901WH, AKL904IX, AKL904WH, AKM193, AKM193IX, AKM195BL, AKM195BR, AKM195GR, AKM195IX, AKM195WH, AKM196BK, AKM196BL, AKM196BR, AKM196GR, AKM196IX, AKM196WH, AKM198, AKM200AR, AKM200BR, AKM200GR, AKM200NB, AKM206AR, AKM206GR, AKM206WH, AKM210WH, AKM223IX, AKM223WH, AKM252BR, AKM252WH, AKM260GR, AKM260JA, AKM301, AKM330AR, AKM330BR, AKM330GR, AKM334GR, AKM335IX, AKM335WH, AKM351IX, AKM351IX02, AKM351WH, AKM352IX, AKM352WH, AKM37001IX, AKM37001WH, AKM370IX, AKM370WH, AKM373WH, AKM433WH, AKM436, AKM437, AKM441IX, AKM441NB, AKM441TI, AKM61301BR, AKM61301IX, AKM626BR, AKM626WH, AKM895IX, AKM95301IX, AKM953IX, AKM97501BA, AKM975BA, AKM975IX, AKM983BA, AKM990BA, AKM990BA01, AKM995BA, AKM995BA01, AKP129WH, AKP159IX, AKP243IX, AKP243WH, AKP246IX, AKP246WH, AKP529WH, AKP950BR, AKP950GR, AKP950IX, AKP950WH, AKP951IX, AKP951WH, AKR301, AKR302NB, AKR400BR, AKR400IXGC, AKR400WH, AKR40IX, AKR410BR, AKR410IX, AKR410WH, AKR420BR, AKR420IX, AKR420WH, AKR453IX, AKR453WH, AKR610BR, AKR610IX, AKR610WH, AKR620BR, AKR620WH, AKR638IX, AKR639IX, AKR639WH, AKR651IX, AKR651WH, AKR669IX, AKR670, AKR676IX, AKR676WH, AKR802IX, AKR804, AKR906IX, AKR920AL, AKR920IX, AKR928IX, AKR951IX, AKR956AL, AKR956IX, AKR958IX, AKR958TI, AKR966IX, AKR976AL, AKR976IX, AKR976WH, AKR993IX, AKR995IX, AKS627IX, AKS637IX, AKS900IX, AKS952IX, AKS952WH, AKT466NB, AKT616IX, AKT619IX, AKT699IX, AKT717IX, AKT797IX, AKT820BA, AKT836BA, AKT905IX, AKX145WH, AKZ106IX, AKZ106WH, AKZ110IX, AKZ140BR, AKZ140WH, AKZ141BR, AKZ141WH, AKZ142BR, AKZ142WH, AKZ145BR, AKZ146BR, AKZ146IX, AKZ146WH, AKZ150BR, AKZ150GR, AKZ150IX, AKZ150NB, AKZ150WH, AKZ151AR, AKZ151BR, AKZ151GR, AKZ151IX, AKZ151WH, AKZ153BR, AKZ153IX, AKZ153WH, AKZ154AL, AKZ154BR, AKZ154IX, AKZ154WH, AKZ155AR, AKZ155GR, AKZ155JA, AKZ155WH, AKZ158BR, AKZ158IX, AKZ158WH, AKZ159IX, AKZ159WH, AKZ160BR, AKZ160NB, AKZ160WH, AKZ16102AV, AKZ16102IX, AKZ16102WH, AKZ16103NB, AKZ1613X, AKZ161BR, AKZ161GR, AKZ161IX, AKZ161WH, AKZ16301IX, AKZ163IX, AKZ165BR, AKZ165IX, AKZ165WH, AKZ169BL, AKZ169IX, AKZ169WH, AKZ185BR, AKZ185IX, AKZ185WH, AKZ187AL, AKZ187BR, AKZ187IX, AKZ187WH, AKZ188IX, AKZ188WH, AKZ189IX, AKZ189WH, AKZ19502NB, AKZ19502WH, AKZ19503IX, AKZ195BR, AKZ195IX, AKZ195WH, AKZ196IX, AKZ196NB, AKZ196WH, AKZ350IX, AKZ360IX, AKZ406IX, AKZ406WH, AKZ410IX, AKZ446AV, AKZ446IX, AKZ446WH, AKZ451AV, AKZ451NB, AKZ454AL, AKZ454IX, AKZ454WH, AKZ455IX, AKZ455WH, AKZ495IX, AKZ495TI, AKZ496IX, AKZ497IX, AKZ499IX, AKZ499TI, AKZ506IX, AKZ506WH, AKZ507IX, AKZ507NB, AKZ507WH, AKZ508IX, AKZ508WH, AKZ510IX, AKZ511IX, AKZ515IX, AKZ515WH, AKZ516IX, AKZ516NB, AKZ550IX, AKZ550TI, AKZ551IX, AKZ554IX, AKZ555IX, AKZ650IX, AKZ671IX, AKZ677IX, AKZ801IX, AKZ803IX, AKZ951IX, AKZ951WH, AKZM656, AL60, AMB579K1G, AMC880, AMC883, AMC891, AMC892, AMC893, AMC901IX, AMC905IXLH, AMC905IXRH, AMC907, AMC907P, AMC916, AMC920, AMC921, AMC933, AMH058, AMH059, AMH068, AMH087, AMH087FITTED, AMH219IXLH, AMH219IXRH, AMH244, AMH248IX, AMH388IXLH, AMH388IXRH, AMH542, AMH587IXLH, AMH587IXRH, AMT230IX, AMT240NB, AMW003IX, AMW441, AMW4501IX, AMW450IX, AMW4601IX, AMW460IX, AMW470IX, AMW480IX, AMW510NB, AMW510WH, AMW518IX, AMW520IX, AMW545IX, AMW545TI, AMW575IX, AMW575TI, AMW578IX, AMW585IX, AMW588IX, AMW595IX, AQUA9769, ARB8211, ARB823, ARC0140, ARC0140AL, ARC0150, ARC0170, ARC0450, ARC04511, ARC0460, ARC0500, ARC0501, ARC05011, ARC0610, ARC0640, ARC0700, ARC0820, ARC0840, ARC0850, ARC0900, ARC103, ARC1031BL, ARC1031IS, ARC104, ARC1041, ARC1570, ARC1711, ARC1730, ARC1731, ARC1731S, ARC1736, ARC1738, ARC1770, ARC1772, ARC1780IX, ARC1788IX, ARC1790IX, ARC1798IX, ARC1808, ARC1811, ARC1811S, ARC1910, ARC2040, ARC2110, ARC2130, ARC2190, ARC2210, ARC2223, ARC2230, ARC2990, ARC4000, ARC4020, ARC4020IX, ARC4030, ARC4030IX, ARC4100, ARC4110, ARC4170, ARC4170IX, ARC4178IX, ARC4190IX, ARC4208IX, ARC4209IX, ARC500, ARC5020, ARC5030, ARC5070, ARC5070AL, ARC5270, ARC5530, ARC5531, ARC5550, ARC5551, ARC5551AL, ARC5553, ARC5553IS, ARC5553SIL, ARC5571, ARC5573, ARC6670, ARC6680, ARC6700IX, ARC6706IX, ARC7050, ARC7410, ARC7410AL, ARC7412, ARC7412IX, ARC7451, ARC7453, ARC74531, ARC7453IS, ARC7453SIL, ARC7470, ARC7470AL, ARC7472, ARC7472AL, ARC7472IX, ARC7510, ARC7517, ARC7517IS, ARC7550IX, ARC7593, ARC75931, ARC75931IS, ARC7593IS, ARC7593SIL, ARC7610, ARC7612, ARC7612AL, ARC7650, ARC7650AL, ARC7650IX, ARC7720, ARC7720AL, ARC7780, ARC8120, ARC8140IX, ARC901, ARG417G, ARG420, ARG4203, ARG4204, ARG420G, ARG420R, ARG477G, ARG488G, ARG488SS, ARG488SSDR, ARG488SSFC, ARG581, ARG5811, ARG582, ARG5823, ARG588, ARG5883, ARG598K, ARG774, ARG9303, ARG930M, ARG970G, ARG978K1R, ARG979, ARG9793, ARG979R, ARG9921G, ARG992K2, ARG995K2, ARG995KGR, ARL100BK, ARL100BK1, ARL757B, ARL760, ART1770, ART3034GL, ART3034GR, ART303GLORR3, ART303GLR3, ART417G, ART418G, ART422H, ART423H, ART461, ART461B, ART462, ART4623, ART469, ART471A, ART471A3, ART471A4, ART4723, ART472R, ART477, ART4773, ART4774, ART481, ART485B, ART488, ART495NF, ART5009G1, ART507G, ART515G, ART517G, ART5181G, ART518G, ART5311H, ART535, ART571H, ART572H, ART585H, ART586H, ART590, ART590G, ART599H, ART600, ART600G, ART610G, ART620H, ART6311H, ART631H, ART635H, ART639H, ART640H, ART647H, ART676IXGB, ART676IXLHUK, ART686IX/GB, ART692, ART700, ART720, ART721, ART721SSDR, ART721SSFC, ART722, ART725, ART730, ART730GC, ART731, ART731SSDR, ART732, ART735SSDR, ART745, ART749SSFC, ART756H, ART804H, ART806H, ART809H, ART817H, ART818H, ART8262G, ART845G, ART8462G, ART855G, ART858H, ART872H, ART873G, ART8780H, ART878G, ART909G, ART919G, ART975GDBLUE, ART975GSILVE, ART975GWHITE, ARZ121H, ARZ121HAL, ARZ121HSIL, ARZ141H, ARZ576G, ARZ710W, ARZ726B, ARZ726W, ARZ730, ARZ735SSDR, ARZ737B, ARZ740B, ARZ740SSDR, ARZ740W, ARZ742W, ARZ767SSFC, ARZ807H, ARZ815H, ARZ853H, ARZ864H, ARZ891G, ARZ892G, ARZ8941G, ARZ8941GSIL, ARZ8951G, ARZ8951GPEA, ARZ8951GSIL, ARZ8961H, ARZ8961HSIL, ARZ8970HSIL, ARZ8971H, ARZ8971HSIL, ARZ914H, ARZ936H, ARZ949H, ARZ959H, ARZ974H, ARZ979H, ARZ983H, AT315, AVM104IX, AVM121, AVM122, AVM123, AVM125, AVM557, AVM683WH, AVM686IX, 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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 9:37 pm

I have a AKZ554/1X model 2.4 kw electric oven whirlpool the grill is not wired into the terminal which one does it go into?

Alexander Kirk
Monday, September 2, 2019 at 1:00 pm

AMW 820/IX Microwave will not heat water/tea/coffee etc. Appears to function all all other settings. Gives ERR 5 when set eg on 1min & 900W or in fact on any W setting. Is it worth repairing or is it a replacement.

Monday, September 2, 2019 at 1:16 pm

That is quite a common fault with microwaves and doesn’t automatically mean it is not worth replacing but it is hard to give a better idea on how much it might cost to fix. It might not need parts or need a fuse at one end, at the higher end it might need a PCB or a magnetron.

As a comparison the microwave costs around £300 new plus £50-£100 for fitting.

If you would like to speak to one of our staff then let me know your number or call the office on 0800 0546 326

Remember, repairing is better of the environment!

Jauques Badenhorst
Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 7:28 am


Just wanted to find out, I have a Wirlpool ADP 4305 class A.
It starts putting in water and then after 5 seconds the light starts to blinking, 4 blinks directly after each other and then a space before blocking again 4 times.

What can be the problem?

Monday, September 30, 2019 at 9:03 am

On that model, 4 flashes then a 1 second delay, followed by 4 flashed denotes F4 – Drainage problem/failure

Make sure that there is no blockage under the filters inside and that the drain pump is working correctly. Also that there is no blockage in the drain pipe and plumbing.

Steven Riddle
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 4:39 pm


I have a whirlpool AZKM 656 6th sense oven. The cooking timer was not going down in time so I searched on the internet for a rest. Once I gained access into the menu I’m not sure if I messed something up as it now gives me a F3 error. My wife had just finished using the oven so the error was not there until I fiddled.

What I did was the following.

Power off
Power on
Held both the back and tick buttons until I heard a beep.
Pushed the tick button 5 times
Then the confi menu appeared.

What should the UI value be?
What should the AM value be?
I turned on the test bit and then went to end and that’s when the F3 error appeared

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