What To Do When The Washing Machine Door Won’t Open


loading washing machineA broken washing machine can spell trouble for families who rely upon being able to wash and dry clothes, bedding and linens quickly and easily at home. However, no matter how much you look after your appliances, it’s possible that the door to your washing machine may get jammed from time to time, even just from ordinary wear and tear. Luckily, most washing machine models have a manual release that will enable you to free your laundry from your washing machine before having it fixed.

Front loading washing machines have a safety mechanism that’s often referred to as an interlock or a door lock. When the washing cycle begins, the door locks so that it cannot be opened mid-cycle. Minutes after the cycle finishes, the door should unlock. If the door doesn’t unlock at the end of the cycle, there could be a problem with the interlock.

Possible reasons your washing machine door is stuck

Drainage problems

If you can still see water in the drum, your machine could be experiencing drainage problems, causing the door to stay locked. If you decide to manually open the washing machine door to retrieve your laundry, lay out towels over the floor and be ready with a mop and bucket.

Keeping your washing machine clean can avoid the problem of a drainage issue, as you will clear blockages out of the filter as they arise. It is possible to manually drain the washing machine by clearing blockages from the drain filters or draining via the pump filter drain tube at the front of your washing machine. You could also use the drain hose to siphon the water into a bucket. If you’re unsure about where to begin, contact Glotech to arrange a technician visit.

Pressure switch

It could also be a problem with the pressure switch, as when the machine lock is still energised, the washing machine can’t reset to empty and open the door.

Try turning off the machine at the mains for 5-10 minutes, and then opening the door again.

reconnecting washing machine hose

Faulty washing machine interlock

If a washing machine is being used a lot in a short space of time, it can overheat. If your machine has overheated, it’s possible that the circuits on the interlock have stopped working because of this. The handles on these machines can be fragile and trying to open the door whilst it is locked has the potential to damage the lock. Always unplug the washing machine from the mains before trying to open the door.

This issue should rectify itself if the machine is left to cool down over a period of a few hours. If the door still won’t open, contact Glotech to arrange an appointment.

How to open your stuck washing machine door

When trying to manipulate open the washing machine door, you should be very careful – it’s very easy to create more damage, and therefore more expense. Instead, contact a Glotech repair professional for help.

If your washing machine has a door on the outside of the appliance and a handle that faces into the circle of the door, you can try to apply pressure to the lock’s catch in order to spring open the door. Wrap garden wire or thick synthetic string around the edge of the door and crossing the strings of the wire over each other towards the hinge of the door. Pull the strings firmly to release the door catch – the door should spring open and you’ll be able to rescue your laundry.

If your washing machine handle faces another way, unscrew the top of the washing machine and lift if off to access the back of the door catch. Push on the catch to release the door or use a screwdriver.

All washing machine models differ, so if the above methods don’t help, be sure to call Glotech for a professional repair service.

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