What Not to Put in Your Microwave

  • March 9th, 2018
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After a long day out and about, sometimes preheating an oven and preparing a whole meal might be the last thing that you want to do.

This is where your microwave comes in handy, allowing you to defrost and reheat leftovers at ease, giving you time to unwind in front of the TV, without having to worry about baking or frying a thing.

To avoid damage or creating a big mess in your kitchen, there are certain things that you should never try to heat in this appliance.

Read on to find out what not to put in the microwave:

Paper bags

While they are great for transporting school lunches, paper is highly flammable.

Therefore, if you are wondering, can you put paper in the microwave? The answer is no.

Paper should not be put in the microwave as it can release toxic fumes and if it gets hot enough, can set on fire.

Food wrapped in paper should be removed before being microwaved to avoid damaging your kitchen and putting yourself in danger.

Metal Foil

Metal foil is a great way to cover up food and keep it fresh.

However, putting foil in the microwave will cause it to quickly heat and ignite, ruining your meal, your microwave and putting your household at risk.

Along with this, other types of metals will have similar effects, so be sure to double check that no cutlery has been left in bowls or on plates before the microwave is used. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally discover the scary effects of having metal in the microwave.


While you may be curious about how the taste of a grape changes when heated, microwaving them is not a good way to go about this!

Grapes can ignite when heated and create glowing plasma gas that can not only give you a fright but make quite a mess in your machine.

Eggs in shells

Your microwave may seem like a shortcut to getting the perfect boiled egg, but in reality, it is a really quick way to a big mess.

Microwaving eggs in their shells can cause the internal temperature to rise and then explode, leaving you with a sticky yellow mess to clean up…

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are a great way to hold food, as long as they aren’t put in the microwave.

Those plastics used to hold yoghurt and similar snacks can melt in your microwave, and release chemicals that will ruin your food and health.

In some situations, they can also stick to your microwave plate, which will take some serious scrubbing to clear!

If you need to heat something that comes in a plastic container, it is best to remove it from the packaging first and place it onto a microwave-safe dish before putting it into your appliance.

Plates with metal trim

Metal trim is a great way to get classy-looking crockery.

However, to avoid ruining the rest of your kitchen with these plates and bowls, keep them out of the microwave.

The metal will react to the heat and cause a danger in your kitchen, possibly breaking your microwave or causing a fire.

If something on one of these plates needs to be heated, it is a good idea to transfer it to another dish first, to avoid disaster.

Check you have actually put food in the microwave

Just as putting the wrong things in the microwave is an issue, not putting items in can be just as bad.

Never run an empty microwave, as this can cause the microwave to ‘self-destruct’ as the waves produced will be absorbed back into the machine.

This can mean that you end up looking into microwave repairs, or in extreme cases, finding a replacement.



As you can see, some snacks are better off being left cool, or cooked elsewhere.

If you need any other top tips on how to keep your kitchen in working order, contact us online or call 0800 0546 326 as we can assist with any queries related to your appliance.

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