Washing Up Liquid In Dishwashers

If you’re reading this then the chances are that either you, or someone you know, has put washing up liquid into a dishwasher. Don’t worry, you (ahem, your friend!) are not the first and most certainly will not be the last!

Water, heat, and movement all contribute to increasing the quantity and volume of bubbles inside a dishwasher with washing up liquid inside. These bubbles find their way through the nooks and cranny of the appliance and can end up in areas they really shouldn’t be in (such as the chamber or the electronic components). This can damage your appliance.

The best course of action is to turn the dishwasher off as soon as possible and try to get as much of the bubbles and water out. Put a bar of soap into the dishwasher, leave it for a while, and turn it on. The bar of soap will help to neutralise the bubbles.

Remember- dishwasher tablets are very different to washing up liquid in their nature. One is designed to create bubbles to help lift dirt off, and the other is designed to use hot water to aid dirt removal. It is best to keep the two separate.

If the appliance doesn’t work as normal then it’s time to call in the professionals, but be careful who you get to repair your dishwasher. You might want to read; what to look for in an appliance engineer.

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