Washing Machine Won’t Start Cycle

Washing Machine Won't StartIf a washing machine won’t start many people quickly jump to the conclusion that the machine has run its course and it’s time for a new one. However, there could be a few reasons why your washing machine isn’t starting its cycle and you may just be surprised by how cheap the repair could be.

The very first thing to check is if the machine is completely dead. Press the power button and if the lights turn on then you know there is power going through to it.

Washing Machine lights don’t turn on

Check to see if the fault is with the wall socket rather than the appliance itself. Often appliances can flip the wall socket switch if it moves about during its cycles. Try plugging something else into that socket, maybe a lamp or radio, to see if that works. If it doesn’t then the problem is with the wall socket.

If your lamp or radio does work then the problem is with the appliance and the next thing you should check is the fuse. Replace the fuse with one of the same amps. If your washing machine now works then problem solved.

Washing Machine lights turn on but not working

If the lights on your washing machine come on but it won’t operate then clearly power is going through to it so the problem lies with the appliance itself.

For safety reasons washing machines these days are programmed to stop going into a cycle if the door is not shut properly. If there’s a problem with the door interlock then the door could not be closing properly. Check if you can hear the door click into the close position. If it does, then it could be a problem with the wiring or the sensor which tells the machine the door has fully closed.

If your washing machine won’t start the above are some of the common faults however there is a whole list of other potential causes which include a faulty heater or motor.

If your washing machine needs a repair please do not work on a live machine. It is better to be safe and let a qualified Service Engineer carry out the repair. You can book a washing machine repair through Glotech or by calling 0800 0546 326.

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