Washing Machine Damaging Clothes

Since their global adoption washing machines have been making the lives of each and every one of us so much easier. We put our clothes in, turn it on, and they come out clean. Occasionally they can give us a little trouble and we may need to seek the help of a qualified washing machine repair engineer.

One of the biggest problems is when our washing machines start damaging our clothes– as then not only are they not cleaning our clothes, they are also damaging them costing us more money to replace them. This is when we need to understand why it’s happening and how we can get it fixed quick!

How Does A Washing Machine Work?

There are several reasons why our washing machines may be damaging our clothes and to understand these we must first look at how a washing machine operates in its most simplest form:

  • Water goes into the washing machine taking any conditioner or softener with it to the drum
  • The drum, holding our clothes, spins round
  • During this operation a heating element below the drum turns on to heat the water
  • The dirty water is drained away by the drain pump and through the drain hose

Why Does It Damage My Clothes?

Now that we a basic understanding of how a washing machine works, lets look at the most common causes of clothes damage:

Water Overheating

This is caused by a faulty programmer which may not be turning the heating element off when it’s supposed to. It can also be as a result of a faulty thermostat which may not be regulating the temperature of the heating element which is heating the water inside the washing machine’s drum.

Damaged Drum

Inside the drum there are a few plastic bits sticking out, known as drum paddles. Sometimes these can come off revealing sharp metal hinges which the paddles connect onto. Clothes can get caught onto these resulting in damaged clothes.

Objects Inside The Drum

Checking to see if there is anything inside the drum is a good idea. Sometimes we may put clothes into the washing machine without forgetting to check the pockets and have items go into the machine. Anything which shouldn’t be in there should be removed as clothes can also get caught onto them and damage clothes.

Now that we have a better idea of why our washing machines can be damaging our clothes we can take some preventative measures to stop it in the future- whether it’s by removing foreign objects inside our machines or seeking the help of a Glotech engineer.

If you need an engineer you can book your repair online or call Glotech on 0800 0546 326.

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