How Often Should You Wash Laundry?

How often should you wash your sheets?

We all know what happens between the sheets, therefore we should all know that it’s important to wash your bed sheets often. Bed sheets could accumulate sweat, body fluids and saliva – as well as even urine and faecal matter. When we sleep, we cast off dead skin cells that then can attract dust-mites and affect the breathing of asthmatics.

If you’ve had a cold, be sure to wash the sheets on a high heat to kill bacteria, but otherwise, use a biological detergent and wash at a standard heat, add in a fabric conditioner. Our survey of 2000 people found that most people wash their sheets once a fortnight, which is in line with the recommended amount.

How often should you wash your jeans?

This is something that often causes controversy, because of a lot of conflicting information that’s out there on the internet.  Jeans with a high synthetic fabric count can be washed every four or five wears (though you might want to be careful about damaging the fabric), but raw denim jeans should be washed minimally – some people say never! If you want to protect your denim whilst ensuring they keep clean, spot wash them with a toothbrush, and kill bacteria by putting them in the freezer.

Believe it or not, jeans will not have any more bacteria on them after being unwashed for a year, than what they would have after being unwashed for two weeks. On average, we found that most people wear jeans 3-5 times before washing.

How often should you wash underwear?

We hope it goes without saying, underpants and knickers should be worn only once before being washed. Bras and vests can be worn up to 4 days before a wash, depending on how much you perspire. You may want to put delicate underwear into a pillowcase before washing to protect them from a high spin cycle.

Although of course, most people do wash their underpants immediately after wearing them, a remarkable 25% of men frequently wear them more than once!

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