Is An Appliance Service Plan Worth It?

Everybody has domestic appliances in their home, from ovens to washing machines and everything in between, so we all know that they can break down at the least convenient times. Sometimes the appliance breakdown itself isn’t even the worst of it – being hit with a large but unavoidable repair bill in a tough month can be expensive.

Instead of waiting until your appliance breaks down to think about how you’d deal with doing without or having to pay for a repair, making use of an appliance service plan can give you peace of mind and save you time and money.

Benefits of an Appliance Service Plan

  • Cheap – From as little as £2.60 a month, you can have the guarantee that any time your appliance breaks down, we’ll be there to fix it. This saves you from having to shell out for costly repairs every time a breakdown strikes, and it covers all parts and labour so there are no hidden costs involved.You can protect up to 5 appliances starting from just £19.99 a month, so if you want all of your appliances covered by a domestic appliance repair service, you can roll it all into one monthly payment.
  • Flexible – All of our appliance service plans come with a 12 month minimum term of cover but after that period we’ll keep your plan running at the same monthly cost to make sure you don’t get caught out in the meantime by a surprise appliance repair.Although we’ll continue your warranty automatically after the first 12 months, you’re free to cancel at any time with only one month’s notice. So, if you decide you no longer need to be prepared for appliance-based disasters, you can stop your appliance service plan coverage on short notice.
  • Fast – A lot of the stress of an appliance breakdown can come from the rush to find a suitable repair engineer quickly. You might have to speak to a couple before you find one who offers a price that’s right, meaning you could be without your appliance for days.When you’re already covered by a domestic appliance repair service, there’s no need for you to search for anything, just get in touch with us and your appliance will be repaired quickly and at no additional cost.
  • Comprehensive – Ever felt the frustration of having an appliance repaired, only for something else to go wrong with it in a week or a month’s time? With an appliance service plan, you can have peace of mind that no matter when your appliance breaks down, you’ll be covered.Whether you have one drastic oven malfunction in four years or three fridge breakdowns in one month, we’ll be there to fix your appliances with unlimited authorised repairs. You’re also covered for all accidental damage, which might come as a relief to some!

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