How To Clean A Tumble Dryer

  • October 16th, 2017
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Tumble dryers have a special place in the kitchen, especially for us in the UK and others in countries with similar weather. They provide us with an easy and convenient way of drying clothes much faster than through traditional methods. This makes it even more important that we ensure our trust tumble dryers are properly and well cared for and maintained on a regular basis.

Check your tumble dryer on a regular basis to ensure any excess dirt and blockages are cleared as they can cause overheating. A dirty tumble dryer is also the last thing you want to put your freshly cleaned clothes into.

Clean The Lint Filter

The purpose of the lint filter is to collect any excess fluff from your clothes when it enters the draining cycle. It’s strongly advised that you clean this lint filter before/after every use for fire and safety reasons; unfortunate consequences of which we’ll all been made aware of recently.

When cleaning the lint filter ensure that your tumble dryer has fully cooled down. Be careful and gentle during the cleaning process; it’s best to use your fingers.

On some tumble dryer models it is possible to clean your filters before putting it back into the appliance. Before proceeding to do this please check the manual to ensure your model supports this. If so, put the filter into a sink with hot water and some washing up liquid.
Before putting the lint filter back in manually inspect it to ensure there’s no lingering lint left. If you notice any damage or tear in the filter then we advise you replace it as this can allow lint to pass through the tear and clog up your tumble dryer.

Cleaning The Inside of Your Tumble Dryer

Just like with the lint filter, it’s important to regularly remove any build-up of dirt or any other contaminants which could be lurking inside your tumble dryer. Doing this is very easy but please ensure that your appliance has fully cooled down and is switched off and unplugged.

The first thing you’ll need to do is pull your tumble dryer forwards, if like most people your’s is up against a wall. Then, remove the screws in the back panel and make sure you keep them somewhere safe. Once that’s been done you can go ahead by removing the back panel (in most models you lift the panel off).

Start by cleaning the inside blower area. Use a vacuum cleaner as we find that to be the easiest and quickest method. Make sure to vacuum around the vent pipe connection(s) if you see any excessive build-up of dust there.

Once that’s been done you can refit the back panel and re-insert and tighten the screws. Put your tumble dryer back in it’s place and plug it in and switch it on. It’s now on hand and ready for it’s next task!

Following this short guide will go a long way to ensuring you do everything possible to keep your tumble dryer in good health. However, sometimes even the most unforeseen things can happen which may require a tumble dryer repair service from a professional to get it back up and running.

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