How to change the light bulbs in your extractor (cooker) hood

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  • September 5th, 2017
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How To Change The Light Bulbs In Your Extractor (Cooker) Hood

When the light bulbs in your extractor hood, also often referred to as a cooker hood, go it can be extremely frustrating. Not only does it affect your visibility whilst cooking (potentially creating a safety hazard in itself) many often find it a difficult thing to change. In reality, it shouldn’t be much more difficult than changing a light bulb in your house.

Why Do Extractor Hood Lights Stop Working?

In addition to the reasons causing normal household bulbs to go, extractor hood bulbs are more susceptible to moisture getting

If you notice the light bulbs in your extractor hood have become faulty, follow these steps to swap them out with new ones:

Changing The Light Bulbs

Before you start any work it is really important that you turn off the power to the unit at the mains. This will ensure that there’s no electricity flowing through to eliminate the potential for an electric shock.

Secondly, if you have used your appliance please wait for it to fully cool down.

  1. Firstly we need to remove the grease filters so that we can access the light bulbs (ignore this bit if the light bulb cover isn’t hidden behind the filter covers on your model).
  2. Remove the lamp cover above the light bulbs by unclipping them from either side (or unscrew them if there’s screws on your model)
  3. Remove the old bulb carefully
  4. Screw the new bulb in
  5. Click (or screw) the lamp cover back on

There you go, as easy as that!

Don’t forget if you do need the services of an extractor hood repair engineer, we’re always here to help.

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