AEG Lavamat Fault Codes

Even the most reliable washing machines can develop errors sometimes. If you own an AEG Lavamat washing machine or washer dryer, take a look below to discover every fault code for models from 1997 and onwards:

AEG Lavamat Fault Codes

AEG Lavamat Fault Codes for washing machines and washer dryers

C1– Not filling or filling too slowly

C2– Not pumping or pumping out too slowly

C3– Aqua control activated

C7– Not heating

C8– NTC fault

C9– Tacho or motor fault

CA– Motor triac short circuit

CD– Door lock faulty

CE– Water distributor fault. The small motor in the dispenser which selects with compartment to fill through may be faulty

CF– EPROM fault. Some of these faults will remain even after the machine is disconnected. To reset, run a test programme. Hold in the pre-wash and soak buttons simultaneously whilst turning the rotary knob to gentle spin


Now that you know what the fault code on your AEG machine means, you will hopefully be able to resolve the issue yourself. However, if you still feel as though your Lavamat washer deserves the attention of a qualified AEG repair engineer, book an appointment here.


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