Fridge Freezer Leaking Water

Leaking fridge freezers are to blame for the hundreds, if not thousands, of UK families who have to deal with the inconvenience it creates every week. What makes it worse is most of us don’t know the cause. In this article we’ll be looking at the most common cause of a leaking fridge freezer, what causes it, and how to prevent it happening in the future.

Why Is My Fridge Freezer Leaking?

If your fridge freezer is leaking, and you can see water collate on the floor, open your fridge and remove the bottom shelf. If you can see water or feel it is wet then the most likely cause is a blocked drain hole.

At the back of the fridge, towards the bottom of the back wall, you will see a small hole. This is called a drain hole which expels condensation out of the appliance. Sometimes this can get blocked up which prevents water from escaping, leaving it no option but to trickle out of the appliance and usually collate at the bottom.

How Do I Fix A Leaking Fridge Freezer?

Luckily this problem is very easy to repair yourself. Locate the drain hole in your fridge and clear the hole. You can buy special tools online for this but most of the time something like a coat hanger will do just fine.

How To Prevent A Leaking Fridge Freezer?

Follow the above steps every now and then to ensure the drain hole is clear to prevent any blockages and your appliance should be fine.

Have A Different Fridge Freezer Fault?

Call Glotech to have one of our qualified Service Engineers come out to diagnose and repair your appliance. You can book your repair online or call us on 0800 0546 326.

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