Common dishwasher problems and solutions

We have been repairing dishwashers, along with other domestic appliances, for over 40 years so when our customers come to us with a problem, we usually know exactly what could be causing it.

The most common dishwasher problems reported by our customers are:

  • The dishes are still wet
    Wet dishes can be a result of incorrect loading preventing water from running off freely. If loading isn’t the problem then we would recommend increasing the rinse aid dosage to see if this resolves the problem.
    Some times the problem can be related to a faulty or shorted heating element which may need replacing; this is something you would require the assistance of an engineer with.
  • The cleaning quality is poor
    Once again this could be related to incorrect loading, however this symptom is harder to diagnose without an engineer stripping down the appliance.
  • Cloudy glassware
    In hard water areas limescale build up can be a cause of cloudy results. It is recommended to experiment with the dosage of rinse aid your appliance dispenses until you find the setting which suits your requirements.
  • Rusted cutlery
    This is usually because the cutlery has been in contact with acid/salt for a long period of time i.e. tomato ketchup or lemon juice.
  • Not draining
    This is one of the most common problems we come across and can be a number of reasons. Anything from a kinked drain hose, preventing water from running freely into the machine, to a clogged filter can be the culprit.

If you’re experiencing dishwasher problems, call Glotech today to get a service engineer out.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I’m hoping you can repair my Rangemaster integrated dishwasher, fitted in 2010. I need a new upper spray arm but am having trouble finding the right spare part online. Also, there is a problem with the left-hand hinge or spring, making it jerky to open and close,
Yours sincerely,

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